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So this post is just going to be a little bit of this and a little bit of that...some of the randomness happening with our family as of late...

Found a new fruit...

Well, I didn't actually find a new fruit. I guess you could say I discovered an old one but figured out I liked it. Everyone was always telling me how good papaya was for me and my digestion and how great it was for the baby too as I am nursing. I am a good fruits and veggies eater but I just wasn't down with the papaya. However, I had never tried it with salt, lime juice, and pepita...I have no idea what pepita is in English but it is good stuff. Yummy stuff!

Like mother like daughter...

So we got a trampoline as a donation here at the orphanage and it is super fun. I was all ready to show off all my stuff and show the girls that I am not an old lady. We were all laughing and having a great time when it happened...all those years after laughing at my Mama for the same thing, it happened to me...that's right folks, I peed my pants! I am tellin' ya, no bladder control post babies. Woo...I was quite the sight!

Sunburns affect more than just the burned area...

So my dear little boy got a bit of a sunburn last week after playing outside so many days in a row. I forget that even their naturally tanned skin can still burn. Anyways, he walks in the kitchen after his bath and asks me what is for dinner. I inform him that it is some delicious potato soup. His response?? "Mommy, I can't eat soup. Soup is hot and it will hurt my sunburn!" He really doesn't like soup.

Babies change so fast...

My little pumpkin is changing so much and growing so fast! She is now a pro at rolling over (only from stomach to back so far but she can get half way from back to front). She also is "talking" up a storm. She has been saying things like "goo" and "ah goo" for several weeks now but usually only with prompting by others. Now she just lays in her bed and just talks and makes lots of noises. It is so fun. She has also started laughing at loud which is so great to hear. Her favorite song right now is surprising the "abc" song! It is hilarious. I am not a great singer but I love singing her lots of little songs here and there, but she loves when I sing her "abc!" So fun!

Last but not least...

So my dear friend Kara has challenged some of her friends to the 30 day challenge, and I am taking her up on it. I think it is going to be a big blessing to my hubby and my family! Here is the link to learn more. Let me know if you decide to do it with us, and I will be praying for you along your 30 day journey as well. Here is the link...

That is all from me for today folks...nightie night!

Kara  – (April 2, 2010 at 3:42 PM)  

Sara I am going to be praying for you friend!!! :) I know of 5 total woman doing this, how great is it to know that 5 women want to see personal and marital transformation!!

Love you!

THE OLD GEEZER  – (April 2, 2010 at 4:25 PM)  





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