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Hi there.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

I am about as ordinary as they come, but I serve an extraordinary God who has enabled me to do WAY more than I ever would have dreamed for myself.

So needless to say, I love Jesus...alot.  I love His word.  And I try to live my life according to it.

I also love to read and write.  I am pretty sure those two things are the only things that keep me sane most of the time.

I am a wife to a man who also loves Jesus and His Word.  We have a really great love story that someday I may actually share with the world wide web, but meanwhile if you know me, ask me about it. I promise it won't disappoint you.  I am so glad he is mine.

I have three lovely kiddos that I can't believe I get to be Mama to.  They are smart, silly, sometimes sassy, and way too much fun.  They give great cuddles and kisses. I never get tired of smelling them after a bath or after they have played for a while outside.  I am a stronger and more capable woman because of them.

I am also a missionary.  I serve and love and care for orphaned and abandoned children and young adults in Guatemala.  I am the most unlikely of missionaries, and I sometimes still can't believe God really asked me to be one.  But, I wouldn't trade my world for any other.

One of the things I miss the most about my home before this one is the changing of the seasons.  I will never tire of watching winter melt into spring, summer bursting forth come late May, the leaves changing into brilliant colors in the fall, and the beautiful blanket of snow that accompanies winter's arrival once again.  It will never get old, and I will never stop missing it.  That and watching my beloved KC Chiefs and KC Royals.

I don't know much.  Mostly the ramblings that you find here are just me trying to find my way.  I am no expert, but I love to learn and will forever enjoy being a student.  I have only had one post even come close to going "viral" and really that just meant it was shared by more than my regular readers.  But it also was life changing for me so if you are going to read only one of my posts, read this one.

So welcome once again.

Thanks for stopping by.

For more information about the ministry I work with in Guatemala, you can go here www.foce.org


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Some bits and bobbits about this blog...

This blog is mostly just ramblings by yours truly. I talk about my ups and downs being a wife, mother, and missionary in Guatemala. I have a tendency to get off on "soapboxes" as those who love me say but it is my desire that this blog can be a place of encouragement in each of your pilgrimages with Christ. At any moment if this blog becomes more about me than about Christ, than it will be done and over...so please help me stay accountable. To God be all the Glory, Honor, and Power!

Books I am currently reading...

  • Eight Twenty Eight
  • Interrupted
  • The Connected Child
  • This Momentary Marriage
  • Unbroken

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