MIghty to Save

Have you heard the song Mighty to Save by Hillsongs United?

It is one of my kids' favorites and one of mine too.  Yesterday when I woke up, my sweet hubby and son were in the kitchen cooking breakfast for us and listening to that song. 

Sweet little baby boy needed to eat too, so while I was feeding him, I was quietly singing along.  As I was singing, I started thinking about all the people that I know in my life right now that have major things happening...sickness, cancer, tumors, family deaths, job losses, house foreclosures, serious debt, etc.  The list really goes on and on...

I started singing "Savior, He can move the mountains.  My God is mighty to save.  He is mighty to save. Forever, Author of salvation.  He rose and conquered the grave, Jesus conquered the grave." 
I was singing it over all these friends and acquaintances.  I was singing this song as a song of victory of their lives.  I really believed these words too.  My God is Mighty To Save.  He can move mountains.  I have seen Him do it many times. I have seen His miracles.  I know He can bring these families the miracles they long for and so desperately need.

However, something else occurred to be as I was singing and praying.  Often times, we don't believe He can move the small mountains.  Or maybe it isn't that we don't believe He can but maybe that we don't think He will...or that maybe He doesn't even care.  I have seen more believers destroyed by so called "small things" then I have by big, life-altering things.  We get desperate. We think that we are going to be swallowed whole by all the little stuff.  We start spending less and less time with the Lord and yet more and more time laying awake at night in our beds. 

Many times it isn't even big stuff...it is the seemingly insignificant stuff.  We feel overwhelmed by all that is on our plate.  The piles are all so high...laundry, dishes, homework, responsibilities with the family and kids.   We hate our job.  Our marriages are falling apart.  We feel like we are "wasting" our lives away in an endless search for meaning.  We can't get rid of that last 15 lbs.  We can't seem to connect anymore with our best friends.  Our once angel of children suddenly are out of control and completely disobedient. It is all just too much.  And then we start to ask, "Where is my God who is so mighty to save now?"

We lose hope.  We lose joy.  When the situation is literally life and death, we cling to Him so tightly because we know that without Him we cannot even catch our next breath.  But, when the situation isn't quite so life and death, we still start to suffocate.  Because we don't know where to turn to catch our breath.  All we can see is everything around us closing in...sucking out all joy and life and promise with it. 

Do you remember the next lines of that song, though?

"So take me as you find me,
All my fears and failures,
Fill my life again.

give my life to follow
Everything I believe in.
So I surrender.
I surrender."

Our God is still the same God...the same One who is Mighty to Save us.  One of the enemies greatest tools in his war against us is to make us believe that God no longer cares.  That our problems are too small.  We think about all the people suffering from real problems and we start to believe that lie. 

Do you all remember the story from Joshua 3 and 4?  If you don't, you should look it up and read it.  It is when the Israelites cross the Jordan river.  After they cross the river, Joshua asks twelve men, one from each tribe, to gather one stone each to place next to that river.  And then in 4:21, he says,
"...'When your children ask their fathers in times to come, 'What do these stones mean?' then you shall let your children know, Israel passed over this Jordan on dry ground.  For the Lord your God dried up the waters of the Jordan for you until you passed over...so that all the peoples of the earth may know that the hand of the Lord is MIGHTY, that you may fear the Lord your God forever."

Don't think for a minute that God doesn't care about the small stuff.  He does care.  If He has the hair on your head counted, how could He not care about the very details of your life and family.  But we must set up stones of memorial.  Every time we win a small or big battle...every time we see God's MIGHTY hand on our lives in one way or another, we must set up a stone.  We can't forget.  The enemy wants us to forget.  But, we can't let him.  So whatever those "stones" are for you...journal writings, thankful lists, beads on a bracelet...whatever they are set them us a reminder that your God..our God is MIGHTY to save. 


10 years

 It has been 10 years…

10 years since I first stepped onto the sweet soil called Guatemala

10 years since I first lay on eyes on the children of CB

10 years since this place and these children started running through my blood

10 years since God radically changed me and imprinted the names and faces of these sweet children forever on my heart

10 years since I realized that all I had dreamed was only a shadow of what God had in store for me

10 years…

I just can’t believe it.  Where did the time go?  I have now officially loved this place, this land, these people, and this ministry for a third of my life.  They are now so much a part of me that I can’t really remember my life without them. Sometimes I lie in my bed at night and wonder how it happened.  Why did God chose me?  I wasn’t really a likely candidate.   I am not necessarily “missionary” material.  Why me?  He easily could have chosen someone else…someone better suited for the job.  Why me?

I am a homebody. I hate change.  New experiences practically make me break out into hives.  Fear has been my almost constant companion for 30 years.  I am not great in large groups.  I like my space and privacy.  I love my family and never wanted to even live more than a mile away from them.  I like routine. I struggle with being flexible. Worry and I go way back.  I am a hypochondriac.  Bugs, rodents, and any other creepy crawlers make me shiver.

I could keep going, but I am guessing you get the drift.  Basically if you looked up the definition of “missionary” in the dictionary, you most certainly wouldn’t find my name.  I don’t fit that mold.  And yet somehow in spite of all those things God called me.  He chose me.  He brought me.  He took me out of my little idealistic world and home in a suburb in middle America, and He landed me right here in Guatemala.  It doesn’t make sense.  

But I am so thankful He did.  

Today I read this little gem and it made me smile…

“When the call of God sears a hole through your self-protectiveness, you go wherever He leads whether or not you feel like you fit.” –Beth Moore in the bible study James

That is exactly how I feel about living here in Guatemala.  Yet here I am.  Here I am.  And oh how thankful I am for it. 
 Do I miss my family?  Of course I do!  Do I miss my life and independence?  Most certainly.  Do I still mourn the dreams I dreamed so long as a child?  More often that I would like to admit.  Do I still feel incredibly uncertain and unfit for my life here?  Absolutely.

But here I am.  

So today I challenge you to give your dreams to God…your hopes, your expectations, your weaknesses, your doubts.  Surrender it all to Him.  Because truly our dreams are just a shadow of the reality of what He can do in our lives.  You may feel like you are completely unfit for anything besides what you are doing right now.  But, I bet you are wrong.  I bet there is much more He can and will do if you would let Him.

I have ten years of proof to show you.


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