A Loose Thread

My handsome husband and I celebrating our one year anniversary!

I have been reading a biography about John and Abigail Adams. It is about their journey as husband and wife...from their courtship all the way through Thomas Jefferson being elected as the third President....their struggles, triumphs, and just life together. Anyways, it is quite a long book so it might take me a while to finish, even though I am a fast reader. Today, though, (as I hurt my foot and can't walk well), I curled up to read a little more. John Adams was definitely the more emotional and extreme of the two. Abigail, or Nabby as she was lovingly called by her family, was much more level headed and down to earth. In fact, when they married, most that knew her thought she "married beneath her." The part I am reading right now is definitely showing how different the two are. It reads, "John Adams was something of a force of nature; on the rebound from the depths he gathered the momentum to sweep everything before him. If in the process he sometimes left his wife exhausted, that was an integral part of the marriage contract she had signed, and which was safley deposited in John's file. There was nothing about her husband she would change. Pulling a loose thread could unravel the fabric."

I just love that! "Pulling a loose thread could unravel the fabric!" I am a kind of strong-headed gal who likes to just mow my way through things sometimes...hoping and praying that everyone will adjust and do things my way. I find myself at times trying to mold Edgar right into my idea of what a husband should be...instead of loving him and rejoicing in the way God made him. I do that with other people sometimes...with the girls. I want them to be just a certain way, and I get frustrated with them and myself when they don't match up to my expectations. I even do this to myself sometimes. I can be so critical...I look in the mirror and see so many faults...so many ways that I don't measure up. Oh but this quote says it all! We are beautifully woven together by God Himself. This is what it says in Psalm 139:13 and 14. "For you formed my inward parts: you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made." We were knitted together by God Himself, and if there is a loose thread hanging out somewhere, it is because God put it there and by pulling on it too hard, we may unravel His beautiful work!

Take heart friends and stop trying to yank on all those loose threads! You may have an unraveled mess on your hands!!

Toni  – (February 24, 2009 at 11:18 PM)  

So convicting! I am so the same in so many aspects. My expectations of myself higher and of others even higher....I expect my house to be clean...my son expects me to "just sit a while"...I expect him to understand that the house work must be done...he expects me to recognize that this moment will never be here again. Sometimes I try to mold him into a 22 year old....what a word of wisdom....we are made so differently but our tapestry would be incomplete without the thread of eachother! Beautiful and timely word - Thanks Sara!

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