I am one blessed WIFE!

Well, friends, I decided to link up once again with my K.S. on her McLinky Monday and share all the reasons why I love my hubby! I REALLY wanted to do this one since she announced it, and I was so afraid I wouldn't have time as Mondays are always SUPER busy around here. But, I always like a chance to brag about my sweet man, so even though I really should go to bed right now, I am going to give it a whirl! Now, of course these aren't ALL the reasons. I am pretty sure everyday I discover new reasons why I love him, but these are a few. I really love doing stuff like this because it makes me stop and just APPRECIATE all these wonderful attributes of his. I think all marriages would be a lot healthier and better if all wives and husbands took just a couple of minutes everyday to be thankful for all the reasons that makes his/her spouse the BEST!

I love mi amado (my beloved) because....

* He always calls me "my lady." He uses it when he talks about me to others as well as when he speaks to me. It truly makes me feel like his Queenie (which is his other pet name for me)

* He loves bathing our kiddos...really and truly. I could count on one hand the amount of times I have given baths to either of our kids. He just loves that time to play with them and just spend time with them since he is usually gone working all day.

* He is the BEST Daddy ever. He loves our children with a love that is pure and truly from the Lord. He is their best friend, their biggest cheerleader, their leader, their protector, and a wonderful example of a disciple of Jesus.

*He knows me SOOOO well. It is almost annoying sometimes because it is like he knows what am I thinking before I even say it. He notices little patterns in my behavior that I am sometimes completely oblivious to.

* He is my very best friend in the world. He was my best friend the day I married him and he has only become more so since we have grown together as husband and wife. He is my favorite person to spend time with and I never tire of his company.

* He has NEVER yelled or even raised his voice to anyone (with the exception of soccer games! hehe). He knows how to correct our children or even me sometimes with only a few wise words.

* He is so hard to be mad at! Seriously, I can get so worked up but he makes me laugh so much that I never make it too long before I am rolling with laughter with him...this is especially true when he does impressions of me using his best "Sara voice" while saying my favorite phrases

*I have a vase that always has fresh flowers in it...and he always tries to find new ones that I have never seen.

* He loves hanging out with my family, and when we are in the states, he stops by my grandparent's house and my great-grandma's house every time he goes running. He encourages my time with them and loves that we are so close. Best of all, he wants to be close to them as well.

* He always pushes me to do my best and doesn't let me settle for mediocrity.

* He is probably the HARDEST working man that I have ever met. Even when he is supposed to be resting, he finds little ways to help.

* He has cleaned up poop and vomit from every member of my family and never said one word of complaint!

* He always gives people the benefit of the doubt and never has an unkind word to say about another person.

* He is totally honest and a man of his word. If he tells he is going to do something, it is because he really is going to do it! You can take his word to the bank.

* His eyes are fixed on the eternal always. He doesn't get caught up on things here on earth and he is continually reminding me to keep my eyes firmly fixed there as well. He doesn't worry and fret over things...ever.

* He cares about my opinion and always asks me what I think...whether work related, family related, spiritual, or even about his clothing.

* He truly doesn't mind shopping with me and even likes to help me pick out clothes!

* He is 100% faithful to me and our family. I have never even seen his eyes wander to a pretty girl. He is all mine and always will be! :)

Okay seriously, I could go ON and ON and ON...but eventually you all are going to stop reading. But, this was super fun! I will end with this one, though.

I love my husband because he loves the Lord more than he loves me or our kiddos or anyone else in this world. He is a man after the heart of Jesus and is striving to live a life completely surrendered to him. I trust him with my life and the life of our family and wherever he goes, I will go because I trust he is always following after our Lord!

Mimi  – (May 30, 2010 at 9:42 AM)  

I love this post! Make a book for him! ;o)

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