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So, I am not doing so great so far on this whole blogging thing. I wish I could do better as I truly love writing, but when the inspiration hits me I am either far from a computer or don't have the time to sit down and make sense of any of it. But, I do have good intentions!

Today is thanksgiving the United States anyway. When I woke up this morning, though, I totally didn't remember, but then as I was going up the steps to meet a team to take them to Antigua, I remembered. I must admit I was a little bummed. I kept thinking about all those years of waking up in my comfy bed...being able to almost smell the crispness of the air outside and then watching the parade with my parents while we each prepared our food item to take to grandma's house. Eventually we make it to one of my grandparent's houses, and we all eat way too much food, but we have a great time talking, laughing, and playing games. Then, we turn on the movie the Christmas story...even though we have all seen it a hundred times by now. It is always a great day, and I am sure my family had an equally great one today as well.

I, however, went to Antigua...not bad as it is one of my favorite places in Guatemala. I helped the team navigate as well as did a little shopping for everyone back home. (I got my sister a GREAT birthday present which I am super excited about it.) I also bought my son his first ice cream cone...he has had ice cream before but never in a cone, and I had a blast watching him get super dirty but loving every minute of it. It definitely wasn't my typical Thanksgiving day but it was fun nonetheless.

If I am totally honest though, there was still just a twinge of sadness at not being with all my loved ones at home in KC. Traditions are important in my family, and we have some great ones. I am about to celebrate one year of marriage in just a few days but I think I still struggle with remembering that my family is different now. The old one is still there but I have a husband and now a son to think about too...they are my immediate family. Weird! Being honest, it still feels kind of weird. :) I still feel like a little girl. I sometimes have troubling grasping that I am a wife and a mother!

But, today in the midst of feeling a bit sad about not being in KC, I was able to have a "this is something to really be thankful for" moment. I was helping the leader of the team get to Antigua so I was in the front seat. Well, the leader of this team is one of my old friends from SBU, Joel. He was on the very first team with me when I came to Guatemala six years ago. We were just kind of chatting and reminiscing about that first trip, and we both just had this moment of like, "I can't believe that here we are again", both married, he leading teams back to Casa Bernabe and me living here full time as a missionary and wife. Neither of us would have ever imagined that way back then. So, then I just started thinking about my journey coming back to Casa Bernabe and my relationship with Emy hubby and how it evolved over time and how we are now about to celebrate our first year anniversary. I was so struck by God's faithfulness and goodness to me. I am so blessed! I think my problem is that I have trouble focusing on the present. I spend so much time wishing for what I had or longing for what is to come, that I completely miss the right here and now.

So, today I am saying thank you Lord for my beautiful amazing husband, my precious little son (keep praying for the adoption), my 14 princesses here in my house, my incredible parents in KC, my gorgeous sister and brother in law and sweet little nephew and niece, and all the rest of my wonderful loved ones. God is good. I wish I could be with ALL of them today and celebrate all of the reasons we have for thankfulness, but I will settle for just resting in the assurance that I am loved, and I am blessed to have so many to love too!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Guatemalan Journey...  – (November 27, 2008 at 11:37 PM)  

AHHHH I am soo bummed! I wish I would have known that you were in Antigua I would have loved to see you and Andres. I am here taking care of Melissa Scotts daughter. Anyway nice thoughts... :) God Bless and HAPPY THANKSGIVING

Kara  – (November 28, 2008 at 3:06 PM)  

Tough lessons to learn my friend but forthwhile in the end! Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself and Edgar and Andres are your closest neighbor! Good stuff! Love you! Would love to hear your voice sometime!

laurapeery  – (November 28, 2008 at 9:00 PM)  

I am thankful to have found your blog! Yay for more thoughts from Sara... I'll be praying for you my friend, and I'm glad to know you're being kept up-to-date with matchmaker Grace as the romance blossoms between Hannah and Jeremiah... exciting times ahead!

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